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The benefits provided by AerGlide's pneumatically equipped turntables are even more outstanding as loads become heavier. Air casters distribute the load over a large area, eliminating point loading typical of mechanical or wheeled turntables. This feature allows simplified design and construction. For you, this means lower initial cost, and lower installation and maintenance costs



Single Container (Rack) Rotates are used for double sided racks or to reduce reaching when unloading or loading parts from a large container. See the drop down box above for models available.

2-Position Turntables are available in six configurations, all having 4,000 pound capacity per position. See the drop down box above for available models.

4 Position Turntables are available in a "side by side" and a "side to end" configuration. Use "side by side" when container is square (or nearly square) and/or when operator needs to work out of two containers at the same time. Use "side to end" arrangement when containers are rectangular and access to only one container at a time is needed. "Side to end" turntables can be specified as either left-hand or right-hand units. Six configuration of each of these two styles are available.


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