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Our History and proud heritage;


In 1990 Pat White (33) formed a company in South Africa called A.F.S Marketing Ltd to pursue an idea gained from his hobby of model boat building. it was a small prototype model hovercraft that started the ball rolling and resulted in the first "FLYLOAD HOVER PLATFORM" that was capable of floating 2 tonnes on a thin film of air.
Rapidly word got around - as things do in Africa and Patrick was approached by a leading household magazine, Personality who wanted to do a story on the "invention" .

That was 21 years ago


Patrick at age 33 riding the new "FLYLOAD HOVER PLATFORM"

1994 Patrick White and John Bartle from Jumbo Fabrication

This interesting project was to see how low profile we could go to create a simple platform for loading rolls of paper into a machine - it worked well !

1992 at a machinery move in Durban.

Sunday paper story ..

Patrick White 1994

I have always been hands on pushing, pulling and making it work 21 years experience is something you earn through hard work and by the sweat of the brow.

The "FLYLOAD" Prototype

This platform was made using automotive exhaust pipe tubing at a small exhaust pipe custom shop, it was powder coated and the bed was steel sheet with a rubber topping.

Patrick White, moving machines for Kohler.

The Bridge of Time

The floating Stage

Floating cars in a carpark

Floating cars in a carpark

Floating Truck Trailers in production (on side)



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